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Comic: Why I Dislike Man Buns

In truth, I personally have only one objection to "man buns": that they are called "man buns."

We already have a term for hair in a bun; it is called a "bun." I do not see why we have to specify the wearer's gender this way; we do not call buns in women's hair "woman buns."

As for the hair style, wear what works for you. I wear my hair in a braid almost all the time; I can fully sympathize with wanting some way to keep one's hair out of one's face.

This idiocy was inspired by a general chit-chat thread on the ComicFury forums. I started contributing my completely unnecessary $0.02 here, and then it spiraled into this illustrated nonsense.

Category: Sharpclaw Smut

Chapter: Sharpclaw Smut: Greykit 01

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